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Judith- Unknown.

Spouse: Robert Clements. Robert Clements and Judith- Unknown were married before 1657.

Julia J.- Unknown.

Spouse: Todd Alan Ferguson. Children were: Brandon Alan Ferguson, Jennifer L. Ferguson.

Karen A.- Unknown.

Spouse: Ronald James Geren. Children were: Casey M. Geren.

Kathy Ann- Unknown.

Spouse: David John Markham. Children were: Jessica Lynn Markham, Chris Markham.

Knud- Unknown was born about 1564 in the Valdres region of Norway. He died after 1665 in Vang, Oppland Co., Valdres region, Norway. He was known at one time or another by these surnames/farm names: Nørsvin.

Spouse: Marit Øysteinsdatter Nørsvin. Knud- Unknown and Marit Øysteinsdatter Nørsvin were married in Norway. Children were: Kristoffer Knudsen Nørsvin.

Kristen- Unknown was born in Norway.

Spouse: Nils Brynjulfssen Nes. Nils Brynjulfssen Nes and Kristen- Unknown were married in Norway. Children were: Lars Nilssen Nes *.

Laverne A.- Unknown.

Spouse: Marshall Conring Johnston. Children were: Bruce Edward Johnston, Laura Nell Johnston.

Lillian- Unknown was born on March 29, 1926. She died in July 1981 in New Jersey.

Spouse: Ralph Hadley Heggan. Ralph Hadley Heggan and Lillian- Unknown were married. Children were: Hadley C. Heggan.

Linda Sue- Unknown.

Spouse: Jerry Keith Swanigan. Children were: Randy Keith Swanigan, Michael A. Swanigan, Karen L. Swanigan.

Lineth- Unknown.

Spouse: Theodore E. Gardiner. Children were: Franklin Gardiner.

Lisa R.- Unknown.

Spouse: Todd Delmar Christy. Children were: Unknown Son #1- Christy, Unknown Son #2- Christy.

Lizzie- Unknown.

Spouse: Victor Julian Hammond. Victor Julian Hammond and Lizzie- Unknown were married.

Loeta J.- Unknown.

Spouse: Clarence Franklin Weirauch , Sr.. Children were: Allen Henry Weirauch, Clarence Franklin Weirauch , Jr..

Louise M.- Unknown.

Spouse: William P. Willeman. Children were: Michael H. Willeman.

Lulu B.- Unknown was born about 1881 in Missouri.

Spouse: Richard R. Johnson. Richard R. Johnson and Lulu B.- Unknown were married about 1900. Children were: Hallie Johnson, May Johnson, Elsie Fay Johnson, Lois Johnson.

Lydia- Unknown immigrated before 1646 to America. She died after 1665 in Colonial America.

Spouse: Thomas Hatch , Sr*. Thomas Hatch , Sr* and Lydia- Unknown were married about 1622 in England. Children were: William Hatch, Jeremiah Hatch, Thomas Hatch , Jr, Mary Hatch, Alice Hatch, Hannah Hatch.

Spouse: John Spring. John Spring and Lydia- Unknown were married about 1654 in Massachusetts.

Mabel- Unknown.

Spouse: Erwin Smith. Erwin Smith and Mabel- Unknown were married. Children were: Susan Smith.

Magdalena- Unknown.

Spouse: Michel Koder. Michel Koder and Magdalena- Unknown were married. Children were: Jacob Koder, Georg Koder , Sr, Katharine Koder, Barbara Koder, Johannes Koder, Barbara Koder.

Magdalena- Unknown died in March 1597 in Germany.

Spouse: Gallus Mock , Jr. Gallus Mock , Jr and Magdalena- Unknown were married.

Spouse: Caspar Vogelin , Sr. Caspar Vogelin , Sr and Magdalena- Unknown were married in Germany. Children were: Caspar Vogelin , Jr.

Maranda Jean- Unknown. Parents: Kathy Jean Sprow.

Marcella L. Unknown.

Spouse: Matthew Stephen Iverson. Children were: Austin Iverson, Josh Iverson.

Margaret Melvina Proctor was born on May 8, 1906 in Ohio. She died on March 9, 1984 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio. She went by her middle name, Melvina.

Spouse: Frederich Karl Rilling. Frederich Karl Rilling and Margaret Melvina Proctor were married about 1924. Children were: Carmel E. Rilling and Fred Carl Rilling.

Margaret Sue- Unknown.

Spouse: Carl Martin Schliesser. Children were: Lori Marie Schliesser, Chad M. Schliesser.

Margaret- Unknown was baptized on December 11, 1698 in Salisbury, Massachusetts, at Salisbury Church. She joined Salisbury Church on December 11, 1698 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

Spouse: Stillson Allen. Stillson Allen and Margaret- Unknown were married. Children were: Margaret Allen, Jeremiah Allen, Ruth Allen, William Allen, Mary Allen, Ann Allen, Elisha Allen, Stillson Allen , Jr, Elinor Allen.

Margaret- Unknown.

Spouse: Robert Clements. Robert Clements and Margaret- Unknown were married after 1574.

Margaret- Unknown died on September 29, 1642 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

Spouse: Isaac Buswell. Isaac Buswell and Margaret- Unknown were married about 1620. Children were: Phebe Buswell, William Buswell, Samuel Buswell.

Margaret- Unknown was born about 1600 in London, England. She died after 1666 in Scituate, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.

Spouse: Thomas Hicks. Thomas Hicks and Margaret- Unknown were married in England. Children were: Zachariah Hicks, Daniel Hicks, Samuel Hicks.

Margaretha- Unknown died on October 16, 1635 in Tailfingen, Duchy of Württemberg (now Germany).

Spouse: Caspar Vogelin , Jr. Caspar Vogelin , Jr and Margaretha- Unknown were married in Germany. Children were: Catharina Vogelin.

Margery- Unknown was buried on January 27, 1568,. She died about 1568.

Spouse: John Putnam. John Putnam and Margery- Unknown were married. Children were: Nicholas Putnam, Richard Putnam, Thomas Putnam, Margaret Putnam, John Putnam , Jr, Joan Putnam, Unknown Daughter- Putnam.

Margretha- Unknown was born on July 28, 1820 in Pennsylvania. She died on November 1, 1893 in Ohio. She was buried, in Bucyrus, Crawford Co., Ohio, at Oakwood Cemetery.

Spouse: Jonas Shumaker , Sr. Jonas Shumaker , Sr and Margretha- Unknown were married in 1862.

Maria Catharina- Unknown immigrated in July 1710 to America from Hesse-Darmstadt (now Germany) via England. She died on May 7, 1711 in West Camp, Ulster Co., New York.

Spouse: Johann Jost Laux. Johann Jost Laux and Maria Catharina- Unknown were married in Hesse-Darmstadt (now Germany). Children were: Maria Margaretha Laux, Johannes Laux, Johann Peter Laux, Anna Dorothea Laux, Johann Jost Laux , Jr, Maria Elisabetha Laux.

Maria Margaretha- Unknown.

Spouse: Johann Caspar Lang. Johann Caspar Lang and Maria Margaretha- Unknown were married about 1747 in Pennsylvania. Children were: Mary Elizabeth Long, Jacob Long, Nicholas Long, Unknown Child- Long, Anna Margaret Long, Anna Catharina Long, John Simon Long, John Adam Long.

Maria- Unknown was born about 1703 in Germany. She immigrated about September 1, 1736 to America.

Spouse: Johann Nickel Lang. Johann Nickel Lang and Maria- Unknown were married in 1736. Children were: Anna Catherine Lang, Ludwig Lang, Tobias Lang, Maria Margaret Lang, Anna Barbara Lang.

Marilyn Jean- Unknown.

Spouse: Frederick Elwyn Peacock. Children were: Scott Frederick Peacock.

Marilyn R.- Unknown.

Spouse: Thomas E. Simmons. Children were: Michael Simmons.

Martha Lou- Unknown.

Spouse: Norman Royce Baker.

Martha- Unknown.

Spouse: John Proctor *. John Proctor * and Martha- Unknown were married.

Mary- Unknown.

Spouse: Thomas Carter. Thomas Carter and Mary- Unknown were married. Children were: Mary Carter, Thomas Carter , Jr, Martha Carter, Martha Carter, Elizabeth Carter, John Carter, Abigail Carter, Samuel Carter, Sarah Carter.

Mary- Unknown.

Spouse: Joseph Flanders. Joseph Flanders and Mary- Unknown were married on October 16, 1718. Children were: Phinehas Flanders, Mary Flanders, Jeremiah Flanders, Moses Flanders.

Mary- Unknown was a member of a church, along with her husband, in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Spouse: Benjamin Child , Jr. Benjamin Child , Jr and Mary- Unknown were married. Children were: Ephraim Child, Benjamin Child , III, Joshua Child, Mary Child, Unknown Child- Child, Elizabeth Child, Margaret Child, John Child, Mehitable Child, John Child, Joseph Child.

Mary- Unknown immigrated in 1620 to America from England. She died on April 17, 1627 in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. She was buried, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, at Burial Hill.

Spouse: William Brewster , III. William Brewster , III and Mary- Unknown were married before 1593 in England. Children were: Jonathan Brewster , Sr, Patience Brewster, Fear Brewster, Unknown Child- Brewster, Love Brewster, Wrestling Brewster.

Mary- Unknown died before 1629.

Spouse: John Harding. John Harding and Mary- Unknown were married. Children were: John Harding , Jr, Mary Harding, Robert Harding, Ann Harding, Abraham Harding, Elizabeth Harding.

Mary- Unknown immigrated about 1639 to America from Bristol, England. She died about 1640.

Spouse: John Lowell. John Lowell and Mary- Unknown were married. Children were: John Lowell , Jr, Mary Lowell, Peter Lowell, James Lowell, Joseph Lowell.

Mary- Unknown died about 1680.

Spouse: Richard Griffin. Richard Griffin and Mary- Unknown were married. Children were: Joseph Griffin, Mary Griffin, Elizabeth Griffin, Abigail Griffin, Esther Griffin, Samuel Griffin, Hannah Griffin.

Mary- Unknown immigrated before 1760 to America. She died before 1800 in Lincoln (now Catawba) County, North Carolina. She was buried, in Conover, North Carolina, at Saint John's Lutheran Church.

Spouse: Johann Paul Seip , Jr. Johann Paul Seip , Jr and Mary- Unknown were married after 1752 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Children were: Daniel Sipes, Abraham Sipes, Susanna Sipes, Paul Sipes.

Mary- Unknown was born about 1575 in Melford (now Long Melford), Suffolk Co., England.

Spouse: William Hammond. William Hammond and Mary- Unknown were married. Children were: Thomas Hammond, John Hammond.

Mary- Unknown was born in 1649. She died after February 14, 1716/17.

Spouse: Roger Deering , Jr. Roger Deering , Jr and Mary- Unknown were married. Children were: Martha Deering, Mary Deering, Joanna Deering, Sarah Deering, Roger Deering , III, Clement Deering, Margery Deering.

Maureen J.- Unknown.

Spouse: Michael Lynn Moran. Children were: Heather June Moran, Angela S. Moran, Benjamin C. Moran.

Maureen- Unknown.

Spouse: David Eric Jorgenson. Children were: Sarah Frances Jorgenson, Neil Jorgenson, Ryan Jorgenson, Erin Jorgenson.

Mehitable- Unknown.

Spouse: Cornelius Carpenter. Cornelius Carpenter and Mehitable- Unknown were married. Children were: Mehitable Carpenter.

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